Zeik Maverick

Data Center: Aether
Server: Midgardsormr

I regularly create new songs to play, with the only limit being up to octets. On average, I've been making roughly 5-10 songs per week. I am willing to take commissions as well, as long as a feasible source is given. I'd be happy to talk both in game and through Discord!

Zeik Maverick


Born and raised in Old Sharlayan, Zeik took to picking up music more than he did scholarly studies. He chose in his late teens, early 20's to go to Eorzea, politically disagreeing with the way the Forum was running things, along with other more intimate personal reasoning.

For some time upon entering the new continent, he went about trying to completely change his image. This ranged from joining prolific mercenary groups to running a variety of organizations dealing with the crafting of necessities for adventurers. In this regard, Zeik fought the urge to resurface his musical talents in the event that there was another that would come from Sharlayan. The chances of this occurring were astronomically low though, he thought.

Low and behold, it was to his absolute surprise when one day running into his sister, Azela, disembarking from a ship in Limsa Lominsa. It crossed his mind to pretend he had never met the woman, but just the mere thought was gut-wrenching on a multitude of levels. Upon reuniting with her, they both started taking up instruments once more; together.

As time went on, his status about his talent began spreading farther and farther, eventually to the point of opening his own musical-based venue; Forgotten Sonata. Since then, he has spent countless sleepless nights writing music for himself and others, as well as building a network of close confidants. And eventually...the rest of his family followed behind Azela, creating the octet band that plays today...

No-Name Nomads


  • Rock

  • Metal

  • Anime based

  • Game based

Zeik Maverick

Band SizePricing Per HourNotes
Duet200,000 gil/hrMost broad category. Has the most options for song variation and choice at the moment.
Trio400,000 gil/hr 
Quartet550,000 gil/hr 
Quintet700,000 gil/hr 
Sextet825,000 gil/hr 
Septet950,000 gil/hr 
Octet1,025,000 gil/hrCurrently second most broad category.

Zeik Maverick

Upcoming Band Performances

11/14/2022CrystalZaleraBards & Brews11PM - 12AM EST
12/7/2022AetherSargatanasThe Solstice Equinox10PM - 12AM EST
12/12/2022PrimalHyperionArcher's Den7:30 PM - 8:30 PM EST